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The Adults in the Room

Written By Blogger on Saturday, August 27, 2011 | 2:23 PM

 The Adults in the Room

A film with a delicate, even controversial subject, THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM is a hybrid documentary exploring filmmaker Andy Blubaugh's relationship with an older man during his teen years and his efforts in the present to turn those events into a narrative film. It combines re-enactments of the troubled romance through the recollections of a now wiser Andy and interviews with relationship columnist Dan Savage, educators, and social workers to explore this thorny issue of adolescent sexuality and the relationships that make us who we are. THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM is an important cultural milestone, one that makes people think and reflect, before they rush to condemn and judge. Writes Shawn Levy of the Oregonian, "I write as an unabashed fan of Andy Blubaugh�s honest, witty, smart, and fresh movies, which I�ve been enjoying one by one the last couple of years. They are unique because they arise from the human idiosyncrasy of the filmmaker himself: the sort of grassroots creativity that feels very now and very 'Portland' to me."

Documentary filmmaker Alan Berliner also has high praise for THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM, noting that it is a "genre-busting cinematic tour de force, mixing dramatic reenactment, documentary interviews, behind the scenes ('the making of') verit� footage, autobiography, lyrical cinematography (and who knows what else he has up his sleeve), into a film project unlike anything we�ve ever seen before." The Bay Area Reporter's David Lamble praises Calvin McCarthy's performance as a young Andy, writing that the actor "employs his choir-boy countenance to hint at the many faces and motives of the teen 'victim' of an adult/child relationship."

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