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Shutter Island

Written By GOJEK #GolekRejeki on Saturday, March 6, 2010 | 1:56 AM

Shutter Island

Shutter Island was the film thriller that was adapted from the novel in 2003 to the title was the same the article of Dennis Lehane. The process of his production was begun since March 2008. Shutter Island was initially scheduled by the release on October 2 2009, but recently Paramount announced that they withdrew him up until February 2010. 
 This film have a background in 1954, where two US marshal, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo)  investigated the loss of a patient of a psychiatric hospital for the criminal,  Rachel Solando in an island in Massachussetts. Rachel was one of the patients who was regarded as very dangerous. He sank his three children in the lake. 
Teddy efforts to find Rachel did not go easily. Dr. John Cawley (Ben Kingsley), the chairman of the hospital then tried to cover available proof. Although berstatus as U.S. Marshals, Teddy could not get the hospital data, from the patient's data to the nurse.  However, Teddy was sure that Rachel was still being in this island. Moreover in his dream, Teddy received the guidance from Dolores (Michelle Williams), his former wife who died resulting from fire in his apartment. 
Till finally, emerged the name of Andrew Laeddis. Who Andrew Laeddis, he the 67th patient? Could Teddy solve Rachel's loss mystery? 

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Dangstars said...

Wah hade filemna sigana

tukyman said...

apik gak bro pilek ini

arkasala said...

kelihatannya film ini akan menjadi tontonan menarik buat istri neh he he.
Trims atas infonya.

Anonymous said...

wah film seru nih kayaknya :)