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Written By GOJEK #GolekRejeki on Thursday, September 24, 2009 | 10:24 AM


Kyle Gallner, Brian Cox, Tom Sizemore
Magnolia Pictures; Directed by Lucky McKee
Rated R; 98 minutes; 2008

Avery Ludlow is a widower whose only companion is Red, his 14-year-old hound dog. When some young punks come along one day to harass him, they end up killing Red. Unable to find justice along traditional means, Avery sets out for redemption by any means necessary for man’s best friend.

5 komentar:

alamendah said...

(maaf) izin mau PERTAMA dulu

alamendah said...

habis mudik semangat banget buat postingan, nih.

Pencerah said...

Ada yang judulnya green gak?

SEOnesia said...

Pasti belum release di indonesia

mrpsycho said...

hmm bukan BLUE yaaa xixixi